Saturday, April 1, 1995

Blue Murder 1995 TV Clips

Blue Murder Clip 1

Clip description

As Roger Rogerson’s (Richard Roxburgh) star rises in the police world, the force honours him with the prestigious Peter Mitchell Award. Meanwhile, Neddy Smith (Tony Martin) is facing fresh criminal charges. He goes to ‘the Dodger’ for help, meeting him in a pub popular with cops.

Blue Murder Clip 2

Clip description
After shooting drug dealer Warren Lanfranchi (Alex Dimitriades), Roger Rogerson (Richard Roxburgh) celebrates with his police colleagues, including Bill Crofton (Gary Day) and Mal Rivers (Steve Jacobs), as well as criminal Neddy Smith (Tony Martin) – who is in less of a mood to celebrate. Under Rogerson’s orders, Smith took his friend Lanfranchi’s gun from him and brought him to the fateful meeting with Rogerson. Rogerson’s confidence may be premature: Lanfranchi’s girlfriend Sallie-Anne Huckstep (Loene Carmen) is about to tell all to journalist Ray Martin (Ray Martin) on 60 Minutes.

Blue Murder Clip 3 

Clip description

Roger Rogerson (Richard Roxburgh) has been accused of playing a part in the attempted murder of another policeman (Michael Drury). He discusses his case with his lawyer, Chester Porter QC (John Hargreaves). Later, he meets Neddy Smith (Tony Martin) and fellow policeman Bill Crofton (Gary Day) at the airfield to talk business.

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