Monday, March 12, 2012

Glen McNamara Former NSW Police Officer, Author who takes the reader into the back streets and into the sordid workings of the criminal mind.

Update: Rogerson, 73,  and Glenn McNamara, 55, are charged with murdering of university student Mr Gao, whose body was found wrapped in a tarpaulin floating in the sea of Cronulla in southern Sydney on May 26, a week after he was reported missing.

Glenn McNamara, 55  Former NSW police Officer author quote, his books takes the reader into the back streets and into the sordid workings of the criminal mind.

This is a true story, told for the first time.

Glen McNamara joined the NSW Police Force when he was 17 and was sworn in as constable at 19. A career as a detective beckoned and soon Glen was tracking down the notorius Warren Lanfranchi who was dealing drugs with Neddy Smith, and disgraced cop Roger Rogerson who was making deals in Redfern.

This is inner Sydney in the heat of the 1980s and the cash and drugs are flowing freely.

Glen is posted to ‘Goldenhurst’, the area of inner Sydney that contains the police beats of Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and Redfern.

He is confronted by the shocking and appalling reality of a protection racket that is saving notorious paedophiles Dolly Dunn and Colin Fisk from charges as long as they supply enough drugs and cash. The stench of police corruption is high.

Going deeply undercover against his own superiours, Glen risks his own life to get precious eveidence against them. His double identity is betrayed from within the police ranks and with a murder threat hanging over him, Glen and his young wife flee to the United States. But fear is not in his character and he decides to head back to the dirty streets of Sydney to finish the job.

This is a hard-hitting story about the fight for justice by one lone policeman in a sea of corruption.

About the Author

Glen McNamara was not a whistleblower. He was just doing his job. He worked as an undercover cop in Sydney's Kings Cross in the late 1980s. He was good at his work - and because he was effective against criminals, he was treated just like a whistleblower.

Savage Obsessions." is about the crimes and criminals who take their own obsessions too far. All the stories are true, and centre on the crime capital of Sydney - Kings Cross.

Written by former detective and whistle blower Glen McNamara who worked the beat in the 1980s, the crime stories cover obsession from every angle. From police violence, police informants and their murders, women who kill their mothers, paedophiles, gang rapists and suicides, this book is a true crime thriller.

Written in a laconic style that is easy to read, conversational and in the language of the street, this book takes the reader into the back streets and into the sordid workings of the criminal mind.

Several of the criminals in the book are due for release from 2011.

It includes Schapelle Corby's case and an informant's information about a baggage handlers involvement in drug trafficking.

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