Tuesday, May 27, 2014

3AW Sly on Roger Rogerson

"Recklessly brave" Rogerson charged

27 May, 2014 - 9:58 AM

Disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson has been charged with the murder of Sydney student Jamie Gao, and with large-scale drug supply.
Detectives arrested Rogerson at his home in Sydney's southwest on Tuesday morning and escorted him, handcuffed, out of his Padstow Heights premises.
He is due to appear in Bankstown Local Court on Tuesday afternoon.
73-year-old Rogerson is the second former police officer to be charged over Gao's murder, after ex-Kings Cross detective Glen McNamara was charged on Monday.
Mr Rogerson's solicitor, Paul Kenny, said he was disgusted his client had been arrested in his home after arrangements had been made for the 73-year-old to hand himself in at midday.
"What has occurred in Mr Rogerson's house is a complete disgrace," he said.
He said he had been in talks for more than 24 hours with two investigating officers from the Robbery and Serious Crime squad.
It's an intrigiung and tragic crime story. Speaking with Neil Mitchell, former assistant commissioner of NSW police, Clive Small sheds some light on his relationship with the notorious ex-policeman. 
“In the 1970s he was very well respected, was a very capable detective and a very good witness in court proceedings. It started coming undone publicly in 1981 when he shot Lanfranchi and it was downhill from there.”

Speaking with Ross and John, Sly of the Underworld tells Ross and John about the disgraced former detective.

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