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File 1. THE QUEEN v. ROGERSON (1992) 174 CLR 268 17 June 1992

From Point 4. 

A woman who gave evidence under the pseudonym "Miss Jones" also alleged that on about 14 May 1985 she gave Rogerson a large sum of money in exchange for a bag containing white powder in plastic bags. The trial judge told the jury:

"The Crown relies on the evidence of Miss Jones as pointing to the likely source of at least some of the money that went into those accounts."
Rogerson denied that he had ever met the woman. His Honour also pointed out to the jury that there was no evidence that Nowytarger or Paltos had any knowledge of this alleged transaction. 

From Point 14. 

14. The fact that Rogerson, who was then a Detective Sergeant of police, and Nowytarger had together withdrawn $110,000 from bank accounts opened by them under false names, though engendering suspicion, was freely admitted by Rogerson in his interview with the investigating police. By asserting the false story of the sale of a Bentley car, the inference can be drawn that he intended to deceive the police and that the contract was produced for that purpose. But did he intend to deflect the police from instituting either a prosecution for a criminal offence or disciplinary proceedings? There was evidence that Rogerson had handed over a bag containing packets of a white powder to a Miss Jones - the pseudonym of a witness who was an admitted drug courier and drug addict - at the Kingsford Smith Airport on or about 14 May 1985 and had received in exchange a large sum of money in $50 notes in a black red-trimmed travel bag.


File 3. R v ROGERSON [2005] NSWDC 22

HEARING DATE(S):1 December 2004
31 January 2005
1 February 2005
18 February 2005

JUDGMENT DATE: 18 February 2005

The offender is sentenced to imprisonment for two and a half years. I set a non-parole period of one year at which time I order that the offender be released to parole.

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