Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Glen McNamara says co-accused Roger Rogerson concocted defence

Roger Rogerson urged fellow murder-accused Glen McNamara to pretend he had shot Jamie Gao dead in self-defence during a desperate car-jacking, McNamara has told their trial.

Giving evidence at their long-running NSW Supreme Court trial on Tuesday, McNamara relayed a series of conversations he says he had with Rogerson when the two men were behind bars in Sydney's Silverwater remand centre in late 2014.

Both men have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Gao in a suburban storage unit in May that year.

"I've seen plenty of people shot at, I've shot a few myself. I've seen plenty of gunshot victims, I'm an expert," McNamara claims Rogerson told him after the pair were arrested.

"If we stick together we'll be fine."

McNamara said he believed this comment to be a reference to Rogerson's time in the police force, and that Rogerson was referring to discharging a firearm in the course of his duties.

He claims Rogerson concocted an elaborate defence for the two men, and even supplied him with a handwritten opening for their forthcoming trial.

McNamara's barrister on Tuesday produced the document McNamara says was given to him by Rogerson in early 2015 - a page of handwritten notes addressed to the "ladies and gentlemen of the jury".

According to McNamara, Rogerson's proposed version of events was that Mr Gao had "ripped off the Triads, he was a desperate man, he was going to try car-jacking you".

McNamara says he wanted Rogerson to think he was going along with the plan, but was really conducting "a covert investigation" from behind bars to uncover the truth.

"I wanted to convey to Mr Rogerson that I would agree to this defence so that I could collect evidence of the true nature of the offence from Mr Rogerson," McNamara said.

McNamara has previously told the jury that it was Rogerson who shot Mr Gao, and that he only agreed to help dispose of the body because Rogerson made threats against his daughters.

Rogerson is yet to give evidence but is expected to take his turn in the witness box in the coming weeks.

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