Thursday, April 14, 2016

Roger Rogerson 'just shot' Jamie Gao, co-accused claims

February 17, 2016: CCTV pictures of Jamie Gao’s alleged killers, Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara, allegedly show the pair dragging the Sydney student's body from a Padstow storage unit. Video link

Disgraced cop Roger Rogerson "just shot" Jamie Gao in the chest during a botched drug deal, his murder co-accused has told a court.

His former colleague Glen McNamara said Rogerson was seething with anger following a heated exchange with Gao, inside a Padstow storage shed.

The men were swearing at each other and demanding to see bags of ice or money, and Gao had a "combat" knife, McNamara said.

"Rogerson just shot him," he told the NSW Supreme Court through tears.

"[The bullet] it knocked him back in the chair and he dropped the knife.

"[Rogerson] held aim on him and shot him again.

"Gao stopped moving, there was no noise, he just killed him."

McNamara said he yelled "why! Why! Why!" after witnessing the 20-year-old university student die.

He and Rogerson have each accused the other of killing Gao, before allegedly stuffing his body into a surfboard bag and dumping it at sea in May 2014.

Earlier today McNamara denied firing the fatal shots when Rogerson was out of the storage unit, as Rogerson has claimed.

The hearing continues.

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