Thursday, April 14, 2016

Roger Rogerson threatened to kill my girls, Glen McNamara tells court

A gun was being aimed at former policeman Glen McNamara when he allegedly heard the words, "I'll kill your girls."

Mr McNamara claimed this was the voice of former detective Roger Rogerson, who had just allegedly shot and killed university student Jamie Gao.

On Friday, Mr McNamara gave evidence in his defence in the NSW Supreme Court, claiming he helped dispose of the body of Mr Gao only because his life and the lives of his daughters were threatened.

"[Mr Rogerson] turned on me. He pointed the gun directly towards my head and he said, 'I'll do you, get up and help me you weak c---. You'll be on the floor next to him.' "

Later he claimed Mr Rogerson said: "Do as I tell you or I'll kill your girls."

Roger Rogerson leaving court earlier in the trial. Photo: Edwina Pickles
Mr McNamara told the jury he was terrified.

"I was terrified but paralysed altogether … just stunned. I've never felt like that before," he said.

Mr McNamara and Mr Rogerson are charged with the murder of Mr Gao and accused of stealing the 2.78 kilograms of the drug ice he had brought to sell them.

The pair are pinning the murder on each other.

Mr McNamara told the jury he saw Mr Rogerson shoot Mr Gao twice in the chest as the pair argued over drugs and money.

The killing took place inside a southern Sydney storage shed on May 20, 2014.

Mr McNamara's case is that Mr Rogerson then ordered him to find something in which to conceal the body of Mr Gao.

"Rogerson said to me, 'Go through the shit in the car and see if there is anything that can cover him up.' "

He said he watched Mr Rogerson tie up the deceased's body with ropes.

"I saw him effectively lasso the legs together … same with the arms."

After Mr Gao was wrapped in a tarpaulin and stuffed inside a surfboard bag, Mr Rogerson then allegedly spoke to Mr McNamara in a "very menacing and aggressive tone".

"He said to me, 'Give me a hand to drag this c--- out … he's going to your place so I can see your lovely girls."

The pair then drove back to Mr McNamara's Cronulla apartment and parked in the basement of the complex.

This was where Mr McNamara's boat was parked.

"[Mr Rogerson] said, 'Oh terrific, the c---'s going in the boat.'

"I said, 'Not my boat, it's got an oil leak. You can't use my boat.' "

Sometime later, the pair drove to Kennards Hire at Taren Point where they hired a block and tackle, which was later used to help hoist Mr Gao's body into Mr McNamara's boat.

After the pair had secreted the body in the boat, Mr McNamara claims Mr Rogerson again made reference to his daughters.

"He said, 'Let's go and see your lovely girls.' 

"I said, 'I've got the message, there's no need to involve my kids."

The trial continues before Justice Geoffrey Bellew.  

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