Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blame pinned on Roger Rogerson 'he said he'd kill you girls'

Accused murderer Glen McNamara cried and shook as he told his daughter that on the day Jamie Gao was killed, his co-accused Roger Rogerson had warned him “he’d kill you girls — I was looking down the barrel of a gun”, a court heard.
Jessica McNamara told the NSW Supreme Court jury yesterday she saw her father in prison about a week after he and Rogerson had been arrested and charged with shooting the 20-year-old would-be drug dealer in a rented southwest Sydney storage shed on May 20, 2014.
An emotional Ms McNamara said she and her sister met their father in prison on about May 31, 2014, during which they had a conversation about the murder.
“He (Rogerson) shot him, I didn’t know. He said he would kill you girls. I was looking down the barrel of a gun.”
In the fifth week of the NSW Supreme Court murder trial, Kara Shead, acting for Mr McNamara, then asked the 25-year-old about her father’s character. After bursting into tears, she replied he was a “good man” who would never be violent.
“We were a close-knit family,” she said through the tears. “Any time I needed anything, he’d be the first there. He coached my soccer team. He sat through countless hours of dancing. We hung out, we went fishing. I love him.”
Mr McNamara pulled a white tissue from his pocket and wiped his eyes with his head down as his daughter sat crying in the witness box. Before Ms McNamara was cross-examined, judge Geoffrey Bellew issued a direction to the jury, urging caution when considering her evidence about the conversation with her father in prison as “unreliable” hearsay.
The court previously heard Ms McNamara, her father and Mr Rogerson had a beer together at the McNamara family apartment on the evening of May 20, 2014. She said Mr Rogerson told her father that he had “such nice daughters ... really lovely, lovely girls” while tapping a dark coloured lump in his pocket.
“I could see the top of what was in his pocket and it was a dark colour,” she said, adding that her father at that time “was pale, his hands were twitchy”.
Mr Rogerson and Mr McNamara have pleaded not guilty to murdering Gao in a storage shed in Padstow, after which they allegedly took the 2.78kg of ice he had brought with him, stuffed his body into an old surfboard cover and dumped it at sea. Gao’s body was discovered several kilometres off the coast of Cronulla six days later.
The pair pleaded not guilty to the charge of supplying a large commercial quantity of a prohibited drug. The crown case is that both men were part of a “joint criminal enterprise” to harm or kill Gao.
The trial continues.

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