Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jamie Gao murder trial: Glen McNamara skittish after Roger Rogerson comment about daughters, court told

The eldest daughter of accused murderer Glen McNamara has tearfully recalled seeing her father with co-accused Roger Rogerson on the day Sydney student Jamie Gao was killed.
Jessica McNamara, 25, told the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney her father's demeanour changed and he became pale and skittish after Rogerson remarked that McNamara had "lovely" daughters.
The men, both former police officers, have pleaded not guilty to killing 20-year-old Mr Gao at a storage shed in Padstow and dumping his body off the coast of Cronulla in May 2014.
The court heard the pair were at the Cronulla unit where McNamara and his two daughters were living in May 2014.
Ms McNamara said at the time Rogerson made the comment about her and her sister, he was tapping on something in his right trouser pocket, where she saw a lump.
McNamara claims Rogerson was the one who shot Mr Gao, and that Rogerson threatened him and his family after it happened.
Ms McNamara told the court she had seen her father with Rogerson before, but this time something was different.
She said her father was not acting like himself.
The court was told Rogerson joined in some chit-chat about the McNamaras' cat, saying all animals loved him.
She said Rogerson then said to her father that "he had really lovely, lovely girls" and after that her father "kept moving, twitching, he just wasn't calm and still".
Ms McNamara told the court that before this her father would regularly go on fishing trips in his boat with Rogerson.
This was the boat, prosecutors said, McNamara and Rogerson later used to dump Mr Gao's body at sea.
Earlier another former police officer, William Duff, denied having any conversation with his friend Rogerson about what he would tell police.
Mr Duff initially told investigators Rogerson had come to his home on the day of the alleged murder, but later said this must have happened five days earlier.
According to Rogerson, Mr Gao was already dead by the time Rogerson entered the storage unit.
The trial continues.

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