Thursday, March 3, 2016

Murder accused Glen McNamara was an "idiot" who was "mixing with the big boys" and unaware of what he was getting into, Roger Rogerson's solicitor allegedly said after they were arrested.

Jessica McNamara leaves after giving evidence at the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney on Tuesday, March. 1, 2016. (AAP)

Jessica McNamara leaves after giving evidence at the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney on Tuesday, March. 1, 2016. (AAP)

At the pair's trial, McNamara's daughter Jessica was asked about a June 2014 meeting with Rogerson's then-solicitor Paul Kenny, which allegedly took place shortly after Rogerson and McNamara were charged with Jamie Gao's murder.

"He (Mr Kenny) just kept saying that my dad was stupid and he was a child mixing with the big boys and he didn't know what he was getting into and he was an idiot," Ms McNamara told the NSW Supreme Court on Friday.

She said the meeting took place on June 1, 2014, at Bass & Flinders Cafe in Cronulla, after Mr Kenny called her the previous evening.

Her mother and sister were also present.

Mr Kenny "waved around" a police facts sheet which summarised the allegations against McNamara and Rogerson, Ms McNamara said, under cross examination by Rogerson's barrister George Thomas.

It was a "very traumatic" morning, and the family described the meeting to McNamara when they saw him the next day.

"We told him that it was upsetting and what he (Mr Kenny) had said about him being a child playing with the big boys," she said.

The court also heard Ms McNamara later discussed with Mr Kenny threats relating to a person she saw in a mall at Cronulla.

Ms McNamara described how a long-haired Asian man with a tattoo on his neck had looked at her strangely as she walked to catch the train to work.

It happened within a week of her father being arrested.

"To be frank, a tall, Asian guy with tattoos on the neck (doesn't) generally hang around Cronulla mall, especially in the morning," she told the court.

"It felt suspicious to me that this had happened after my father had been arrested."

Rogerson and McNamara have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Gao on May 20, 2014.

The crown case is the two men shot the alleged drug dealer before stuffing his body into a surfboard bag and dumping it at sea.

The jury was sent home before lunch on Friday and told not to return on Monday, to allow for legal debate.


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