Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rogerson's ex-lawyer: Gao's accused killer was a kid in with big boys

Accused murderer Glen McNamara was a “child in with the big boys” according to co-accused­ Roger Rogerson’s former solicitor, a court has heard.
Jessica McNamara, Mr McNamara’s daughter, told the NSW Supreme Court she met solicitor Paul Kenny at a coffee shop about a week after her ­father and Mr Rogerson were ­arrested for the murder of university student Jamie Gao.
Mr Kenny, who the jury ­earlier heard had threatened Mr McNamara’s wife and daughter, told Ms McNamara her father was “stupid”.
“He kept saying that my dad was stupid, he was a child in with the big boys and he didn’t know what he was getting into and he was an idiot,” she said.
In earlier testimony, Ms McNamara said that Mr Kenny — who no longer represents Mr Rogerson — had told her to be afraid of Mr Rogerson.
On the “very traumatic” morning at the cafe, Mr Kenny showed Ms McNamara, her sister and her mother the police fact sheet summarising the allegations against Mr McNamara and Mr Rogerson.
Ms McNamara also told the jury she discussed seeing an Asian man with long hair and a large neck tattoo in Cronulla on her way to work.
“To be frank, tall Asian guys with tattoos on the neck don’t hang around Cronulla mall, espec­ially in the morning,” she told Mr Rogerson’s barrister, George Thomas.
Mr McNamara and Mr Rogerson have pleaded not guilty to murdering Gao in a southwest Sydney storage shed on May 20, 2014, and taking the 2.78kg of ice he had brought with him.
Ms McNamara is due to continue­ giving evidence on Tuesday.
The trial, before judge Geoffrey Bellew, continues.

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